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Category: Economics Published: May 2013
Less Bang for the Buck: The Flimsy Case for Stimulus Spending
Andrew T. Young
An economist asks, "Why in the world are we all Keynesians again?".
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Category: Economics Published: May 2013
Forget the "Great Communicator," We Need the "Great Refrainer"
Amity Shlaes
Unlike Reagan, Coolidge distinguished government austerity from private-sector austerity, combined deficit cuts with tax cuts, and made a moral case for saying "no." A political leader who does the same today may find an electorate that says "yes."
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Category: National Affairs Published: May 2013
Energy Independence Day Is Just Around the Corner
Chris Faulkner
"U.S. consumers will be more insulated from some of this market volatility when America becomes energy self-sufficient, and even more so one the U.S. is a net oil exporter."
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Category: Life in America Published: May 2013
All Is Not Well in the Welfare State
Jonathan W. Emord
"The Administration and political leaders in Congress appear incapable of agreeing on how to address any present issue of national import, including ones that have vexed the nation for decades, like Social Security and Medicare."
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