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Category: National Affairs Published: September 2012
The 15 Trillion Dollar War on Poverty Is a Failure
Michael Tanner
Shouldn't we judge the success of our efforts not by how much charity we provide to the poor, but by how few people need such charity? It should be clear that we need to focus less on making poverty more comfortable and more on creating prosperity.
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Category: Public Policy Published: September 2012
Big Government's Big Solutions Beget Bigger Problems
Richard L. Gordon
It is not surprising to hear a left-wing politician offer a proposal to cure the ills of oversight of oil and gas extraction on Federal lands with a 1960s-style view of big govt and then try to cure alleged general energy problems with more of the same.
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Category: Business & Finance Published: September 2012
Taking Obama and His Administration to School
Jason Ader
The President publicly vilifies banks and then tells them they desperately need to start lending. He talks about raising taxes and placing undue financial burdens on companies through health care reform and then tells them they need to hire more workers.
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Category: Economics Published: September 2012
More to Fear than Fear Itself
Gerald E. Marsh
In the late 1960s and early 1970s, large swaths of American cities burned. It could happen again, and this time, it might not be restricted to poor areas.
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