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Category: Focus on Society Published: July 2012
When Reality Bites Back
For the committed, creative collector, photography is a vanguard medium that provices myriad possibilities to understand our lives through the power of images.
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Category: Medical Research Published: July 2012
What Insane Asylums Taught Us
Paul Patterson
Some of today's more adventurous clinical investigations are . . . Providing intriguing results on the effects of fever on autism, and even proposing vaccination for schizophrenia and severe depression.
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Category: Ecology Published: July 2012
Tour de Trees: Caring for Nature One (Bicycle) Mile at a Time
M. Janet Bornancin
If you are breathing, thank a tree==and remember that healthy trees are rooted in research.
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Category: Public Policy Published: July 2012
The President "Bams" the Economy on Oil
Richard L. Gordon
The very policy initiatives that the Obama Administration wishes to expand have failed in the past. Mandates and subsidies to produce renewable energy have been central to legislation for 40 years, as have attempts to impose fuel efficiency on the market.
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Category: The Great Recession Published: July 2012
The Government, not Underregulated Markets, Spurred the Economic Meltdown
Patric H. Hendershott , Kevin Villani
Market discipline cannot be said to have failed during the subprime lending bubble, because it did not exist; market forces had been replaced by regulatory oversight.
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Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2012
The FDA Condemns You to Death
Jonathan W. Emord
The war on cancer has become a war dominated by friendly fire, where the medical troops fighting the battle more often than not kill the civilian patients they are supposed to protect.
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Category: Religion Published: July 2012
Should Mormons Be Feared Because of their Beliefs?
Tricia Erickson
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has secretive oaths, covenants, and pledges to death penalties as part of its Temple rituals.
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Category: The Workplace Published: July 2012
Seeking the Elusive Credibility Factor
James Kouzes , Barry Posner
People run down. Energy runs out. Talent gets stale. Organizations get stuck. Challenges continue and threats mount, and the old ways of doing things do not work anymore.
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Category: Worldview Published: July 2012
Refusing to be Preempted
George F. Will
If we Americans cultivate our inner lives and our moral selves as industriously and productively as we cultivate the material world around us, then perhaps we of all peoples can long endure.
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Category: Religion Published: July 2012
One Mother's Message to God
Mary Lou Quinlan
She inhaled a worry. She exhaled a prayer. If it was important to me, it was important to Mom and, if it was important to Mom, into the God box it went.
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Category: National Affairs Published: July 2012
On the Defensive
Murray Weidenbaum
The challenge facing planners in the second decade of the 21st century is how, at a time of severe budgetary pressures, does the nation maintain the defense industry's innovative, managerial, and technological strength so vital to national security?
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Category: Athletic Arena Published: July 2012
No Hands No Feet No Limits
Christine Belleris
At recess, the nuns would ask, "He has no feet; so how can he run so fast?" So fast, in fact, that Tony Volpentest has been nominated for induction in the Olympic Hall of Fame.
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Category: Psychology Published: July 2012
Learning to Face Forward
Michele Howe Clark
If you want to know what your thoughts were yesterday, look at your body today. If you want to know what you future will be, look to your thoughts today.
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Category: American Thought Published: July 2012
Just What Do You Mean by That?
Dolores T. Puterbaugh
In the alphabet soup of misrepresentation, three "a" words easily come to mind: absolution, access, and automatic
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Category: Literary Scene Published: July 2012
Just Try Stealing First Base
Cynthia Drew , Joan Golden
Games can be taken away by bad plays, bad breaks, and bad calls. Losing is going to happen, but being better doesn't just mean being a better baseball player.
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Category: Business & Finance Published: July 2012
Getting It Fair and Square
Bill Bachrach
Is the flat fee for financial advice about to go mainstream?
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Category: Economics Published: July 2012
Four Bucks a Gallon--Ouch!
John P. Strelecky
This is an issue that can be gotten under control and, for the sake of the economy, must be gotten under control.
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Category: Political Landscape Published: July 2012
Can Obama Be Beaten?
James W. Thomson
If Bill Clinton were to update his sly slogan for the 2012 election, it would sound something like, "It's the race card this time, stupid."
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Category: The World Today Published: July 2012
Blasphemy's Assault on Free Speech
Paul Marshall
America's Founders, who had broken with an old order that was rife with religious persecution and warfare, forbade laws impeding free exercise of religion, abridging freedom of speech, or infringing freedom of the press. We today must do likewise.
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Category: Life in America Published: July 2012
An Accident Waiting to Happen
Dan Hannan
There is no place like home--as long as it is safe.
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Category: Life in America Published: July 2012
Aging in Place
Emma Dickison
The vast majority of senior citizens prefer to age in the comfort of their homes as opposed to an assisted care facility or nursing home.
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