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Category: Ecology Published: May 2012
Water Reuse Finding Its Flow
While water reuse cannot address all of the nation's water challenges, its potential to expand our existing, increasingly strained water supply to meet growing demand makes resue a critical part of any viable solution.
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Category: Public Policy Published: May 2012
This Land Is their Land
Richard L. Gordon
The Democrats and their reform proposals for Federal land management fail to address the underlying problems that have contributed to regulatory dysfunction. They veer off into tangential campaigns against oil imports, consumption, & climate change.
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Category: Athletic Arena Published: May 2012
The Changing Face of Baseball Cards
Wayne M. Barrett
Today, too many people play the race card so casually and with so little thought; they would do well to remember the determination and humility displayed by those who really did have something to complain about.
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Category: Law & Justice Published: May 2012
Supreme Court Knocks Down Agency Barriers to Judicial Review
Jonathan W. Emord
Until we treat Federal agencies as equal before the law with those they accuse, we never will see justice meted out with impartiality.
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Category: Life in America Published: May 2012
Sorry Is the Hardest Word
Richard E. Vatz
When public policy issue debate leads to nasty, irrelevant personal attack, as mandated insurance for contraception has in the case of Rush Limbaugh, opponents will turn the issue to the untowardness of the attack and ignore the points at issue.
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Category: Law & Justice Published: May 2012
Mansion with a View
Robert M. Danno
Disciplinary action was referred back to the very same people who violated the agency's primary mission, policy, and law in the first place. The US Attorney and Inspector General were asking the National Park Service to discipline itself.
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Category: National Affairs Published: May 2012
Is There No Way Out?
William McGurn
Public sector unions have become a vanguard movement within liberalism. There is no connection between effort and reward. You are guaranteed your job and a salary increase. There is a kind of bureaucratic equality.
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Category: Museums Today Published: May 2012
Visons of Arcadia
This powerful exhibition explores this classical theme and its place in the development of modern art.
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Category: Economics Published: May 2012
Going for the Gold
Edmund C. Moy
Somehow, my stock certificates, electronic accounts, and insurance policies do not generate the same sense of pride and connection to my country's history as the gold American Eagle and Buffalo coins that I own.
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Category: Political Landscape Published: May 2012
Gas Tanks and Ballot Boxes
Raymond J. Learsy
The Obama Administration and its Justice Department are in dereliction of their responsibilities, being the oblivious cops on the beat while one of the biggest heists ever continues to pick billions out of our collective pockets.
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Category: Focus on Music Published: May 2012
Bruce Is Still the Boss
I just didn't fit. I was running through a maze. Rock and roll was never a hobby. It was a reason to live. It was the only one I had.
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Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2012
Winning the Tug of War with Doctors for your Kids
Haleh Resnick
Making the appointments took hours. Call. Get transferred. Transferred again. Wrong department. Get disconnected. Get an appointment months away. Get primary doctor to call to make it sooner. Call back. Lunch break. Transferred. Wrong department.
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Category: Mass Media Published: May 2012
Blacklist Beauties Worth Savoring
Wes D. Gehring
The beauty of "High Noon" and "Kiss Me Deadly," as in all art that taps into universal truths, is that the viewer could miss every metaphorical McCarthy-era Cold War subtext and still savor the films on a purely mind candy entertainment level.
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Category: Education Published: May 2012
Abolish the Department of Education
Charles Murray
The Federal government's track record in education: no improvement shown by students at a cost of billions and billions of dollars.
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Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2012
The Burden of Life after Stroke
Dara G. Jamieson
Many stroke survivors feel alienated and alone. The physical, emotional, and mental devastation that accompany a stroke, and the hard work and dedication that go into recuperation, are unlike any other medical experience.
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Category: Literary Scene Published: May 2012
A Soiled Existence in the Soviet Union
Jennifer Ciotta
Going to school was like going from grey to grey, concrete to concrete, boring to boring. Our life was waiting in line for bread and toilet paper. I had never experienced biting into a fresh vegetable because our stores were vacant most of the time.
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Category: Religion Published: May 2012
In Search of the Big Answer
Marya Hornbacher
Answers, comfort, and healing do come, if we remain open to their arrival. We have only to wait.
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Category: Spiritualism Published: May 2012
Heaven Can't Wait--or Can it?
When the computer announced 30 seconds till touchdown, and still no sight of the runway, the copilot turned to the pilot and said, "The computer's joking, right?"
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Category: Medicine & Health Published: May 2012
Mandatory Caps on Medical Malpractice Could Doom Patients
Shirley Svorny
Caps on damages would reduce physicians' and insurance carriers' incentives to keep track of and reduce practice risk.
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Category: Real Estate Published: May 2012
Move or Improve?
Dan Fritschen
Whether you remodel or move to a new home, it is a big decision, both financially and emotionally.
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