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Category: The World Today Published: January 2012
World Monuments' Watchdogs
Bonnie Burnham
This year's Watch entails 67 sites in 41 countries & territories. These locales vividly illustrate the ever-more pressing need to create a balance between heritage concerns & the social, economic, & environmental interests of communities around the world.
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Category: Law & Justice Published: January 2012
The Truth About these Tough Guys
Eric Granof
". . . The vast majority of bail agents are just average people trying to run a small business and make an honest living."
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Category: Business & Finance Published: January 2012
Retirement: It Is a Scary New World Out There
Zaim Hajdari
"The present economic environment [is much] tougher than the last generation's. . . . Today's investment scenario is . . . About perseverance and tenacity."
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Category: Astronomy Published: January 2012
Twice in a Blue Moon
Judith Braffman-Miller
"A much smaller second moon may have twirled around our planet long ago, before it crashed into the moon that we now know and love."
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Category: Labor Relations Published: January 2012
Restoring a Fundamental Freedom
Mark Mix
". . . All U.S. workers in all 50 states should be granted the full freedom of association--which includes the freedom not to associate--in the area of union membership."
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Category: Medicine & Health Published: January 2012
Rescued by an Umbilical Cord
Mallory Leone
From new life to a life hanging by a thread, these little heroes saved their siblings before they even could crawl.
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Category: Political Landscape Published: January 2012
ObamaCare Remains on the March
Diana Klebanow
What may be a ray of sunshine for patients likely will burden a number of small companies with additional compliance rules and paperwork to the point of bankruptcy.
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Category: Psychology Published: January 2012
Mother's Little Helpers
Gayle Madeleine Randall
Modern mothers face more stress, family obligations, and professional responsibility than ever before.
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Category: International Affairs Published: January 2012
Lessons--and Warnings--from the Libyan Intervention
John Samples
It is one thing to have a President who is reluctant to acknowledge American exceptionalism, but quite another to turn over our nation's ability to make war to the United Nations.
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Category: Science & Technology Published: January 2012
Is Renewable Energy Looking at Nine Miles of Rough Road?
Craig Shields
There exists a dwindling spiral brought on by ruthlessness and greed, fueled by society's tendency toward apathy and numbness. Only time--and lots of it--will tell which energy sectors shall prevail.
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Category: Economics Published: January 2012
If the Invisible Hand of the Free Market Is Dead, Has Capitalism Been Buried Along with It?
Gerald E. Marsh
". . . The 'invisible hand' does not exist, and it is time that this hoary belief is replaced by something better. . . ."
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Category: American Thought Published: January 2012
Confusion at the Top
Michael Mukasey
Does the Obama Administration even understand the Constitution--or the Bill of Rights--when it comes to executive power and the War on Terror?
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Category: Life in America Published: January 2012
Child Sexual Abuse's Second Shame
Nick Bryant
"The reality is that many perpetrators are not shady men in dirty, threadbare trench coats living in seedy hotels, but are, in fact, pillars of our community."
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Category: National Affairs Published: January 2012
Another Government Scheme that Needs Fixing
Michael Tanner
". . . Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme only because Charles Ponzi did not have a gun. [The system] never will go broke as long as the government can force people to pay more taxes and accept fewer benefits."
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Category: Worldview Published: January 2012
A School for Girls
Llewellyn D. Howell
"The U.S. took the Taliban out of government, but failed to remove its members from society. Now, America has to face the challenge of stopping the Taliban from turning the clock back on women."
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Category: Infrastructure Published: January 2012
A Crisis at the Tap
Walter Lynch
"It will take all sectors working together to ensure a safe, clean, and adequate water supply not just for future generations, but for our own as well."
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Category: Astronomy Published: January 2012
A Trip to the Great Beyond
As we mark the 50th anniversary of human space flight, it is a particularly timely moment to celebrate the enduring curiosity that drives humans to find new ways to explore our universe.
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Category: Religion Published: January 2012
. . . And Then God Created Evolution
Ron Frost
Evolution does not imply that there is no God.
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Category: Education Published: January 2012
A Guide to the Invisible Universe
Scott M. Tyson
All best about everything are off. . . . Everything you have learned regarding our understanding of the universe is wrong.
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Category: Cinema Published: January 2012
On the Road Again
Wes D. Gehring
". . . However you choose to 'read' your road movie map, may all your film trips be enlightening."
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