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Category: American Thought Published: November 2011
Why the Democratic Party Is the Enemy of the Republic
Jonathan W. Emord
"Democrats do not simply dissent from the Founding Fathers' conception of good government, they oppose that conception."
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Category: Mass Media Published: November 2011
The Race Is On
Raymond L. Fischer
When the Supreme Court overturned a long-term trend to limit political spending of corporations and unions, it set the stage for a lively and lucrative 2012 presidential campaign.
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Category: Worldview Published: November 2011
The European Union in Crisis
Vaclav Klaus
". . . With the way the American government has been going, the U.S. might be able to catch up with us--in terms of our problems--very soon, but your nation is not as far along yet."
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Category: Business & Finance Published: November 2011
Taking a Long Look at Short Sales
Mike Cuevas
Losing one's home is a painful process, but short sales can help families to decrease the time and frustration they spend in financial limbo--and maintain their credit while moving forward.
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Category: National Affairs Published: November 2011
Supreme Decisions Ahead
Edward J. Erler
While the Tea Party probably is our best hope, its adherents will have to learn that the task is not to weaken the power of govt--it is to confine the govt to the exercise of its delegated powers that was the legacy of the founders.
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Category: Science & Technology Published: November 2011
Strange Beasts in the Stellar Zoo
Judith Braffman-Miller
"The end would not be pretty--all of the nuceli of all the atoms of Earth might morph into strange matter, and our entire planet would be converted into an enormous and extremely hot glob."
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Category: Worldview Published: November 2011
Standing Up to the Mullahs
Armin Arefi
The author is a French-Iranian journalist who was working in Iran until, one day, the authorities confiscated his press pass, interrogated him at a secret police headquarters, and threatened to harm his family. He then fled to France.
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Category: Museums Today Published: November 2011
Pissarro's People
"Camille Pissarro was a committed reader of radical social, political, and economic theory. His profound knowledge of social philosophy, which informs much of his art, far exceeds that of any other significant painter of the period."
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Category: Medicine & Health Published: November 2011
Military Miracles Show the Way
Susan Pressly Lephart
While some might say no good can come from war, in the field of medicine, that is not necessarily the case. Significant advances are born out of necessity on the battlefield, and they often end up saving the lives of civilians.
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Category: Political Landscape Published: November 2011
In Pursuit of a New President
James W. Thomson
"As [Pres. Barack] Obama himself has stated, elections have consequences--and the votes cast one year from now very well could be for the highest stakes, sans the Civil War, in U.S. history."
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Category: Life in America Published: November 2011
Has Religion Dropped a Notch Below S&M?
Dolores T. Puterbaugh
For the present time, Catholics and Jews are free to beat one another for pleasure, but may have little time remaining to circumcise their sons into the covenant.
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Category: Economics Published: November 2011
Getting a Divorce Recession-Style
Mark Banschick
The economy is affecting divorcing couple the way it is affecting everyone--encouraging frugality and collaboration.
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Category: Health & Fitness Published: November 2011
Fattening Up the Coffers
Michael Fenster
While a fat tax may fill the Treasury and expand the government's power over our ever-decreasing individual liberty, the chances are slim it would accomplish any waist--or waste--reduction.
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Category: Religion Published: November 2011
Dispelling the Myth of God versus Gay
Jay Michaelson
"If this world, with its astounding variety of life, culture, and natural beauty indeed was made by God, then surely God likes variety."
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Category: USA Yesterday Published: November 2011
Crafting an Economic Policy that Actually Works
Murray Weidenbaum
Economic freedom is intertwined closely with personal liberty; business-government relations should be characterized by less intervention by government; and free trade is the international combination of these two themes.
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Category: Entertainment Published: November 2011
Kicking Up a Storm in 3D
Hannah Sides , Karen Keeler
Rooted in tradition, the Radio City "Christmas Spectacular" has impressed audiences for almost 80 years, and this year's transformation is sure to surpass all expectations.
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Category: American Culture Published: November 2011
Yuletide Greetings
The power of Christmas derives from the strength and appeal of its repeated rituals and the presumed antiquity of its traditions. . . .
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