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Category: Economics Published: September 2011
The Not-So-Dismal Science to the Rescue
William McGurn
". . . The admirers of Adam Smith have more in common with the followers of the Good Book than we might suppose. . . . Dismal science was born as an epithet meant to dismiss those arguing that slaves deserved their freedom."
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Category: Athletic Arena Published: September 2011
Tennis (Stories) Anyone?
Sidney Wood
"The fifth set went along like a six-day bike race with hardly more than a point separating us at any time. Finally (like people who are seasick and no longer care if they do so long as it is soon) we no longer cared who won. . . ."
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Category: Life in America Published: September 2011
Ten Years Later, the Wounds Remain Open
Wendy Stark Healy
"The World Trade Center site is now one of the most historic places in America. What a shame it would be for kids to visit New York City, walk by the Ground Zero construction site, and never understand what happened there."
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Category: Athletic Arena Published: September 2011
Swim! Bike! Run!
Dolores T. Puterbaugh
"The . . . Training [for a triathalon] is a full mind, body, spirit connection. It teaches you to break down self-limitation. It carries over into other aspects of life."
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Category: Psychology Published: September 2011
Spinning True Lies
G. Randy Kasten
"We live with degrees of certainty, not absolutes. Since we never have a complete picture of anything, all of our beliefs are worth a second look."
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Category: Athletic Arena Published: September 2011
Scoreboard-Watching Season
Wayne M. Barrett
A true and pure fight for the flag has not taken place in more than 40 years--that is, since the advent of baseball divisions and a mult-team playoff format. Still, come September, the pennant push is on.
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Category: American Thought Published: September 2011
Poisonous Bureaucracy
Jonathan W. Emord
". . . Politics has triumphed over science, and bureaucratic control has replaced freedom of choice."
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Category: National Affairs Published: September 2011
Perhaps the States Can Save Us
Ken Cuccinelli
"At a time such as this, when principled conservatives do not control the reins of power in Washington, state attorneys general become the first line of defense against Federal government overreach."
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Category: Focus Published: September 2011
One Life: Ronald Reagan
"Reagan's warm manner and cheerful smile were hallmarks of a personality that fascinated Americans, but it was his steadfastness to the ideas of a limited government and a free-market economy that won him votes."
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Category: The World of Art Published: September 2011
Now That Is Downright Impressive
This exhibition "showcases the vision, talent, and determination of individuals who, beyond their unique contributions to the art world, have made an impact on their communities in a number of ways."
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Category: Education Published: September 2011
Diversity in the Academy: In All but Ideas
Richard E. Vatz
"College and university administrators and faculty throughout the U.S. cannot reconcile their support for diversity with their discriminatory policies against conservatives, and there is no source motivating them to do so."
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Category: Athletic Arena Published: September 2011
Baseball Remains a Funny Game
Curt Smith
"Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson wanted to know if announcer Bob Uecker ever had been asked to endorse a product. Uecker answered that he "had a unique and lucrative contract with a sporting goods company, Rawlings, not to use any of their products."
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Category: USA Yesterday Published: September 2011
Advising Reagan: Making Economic Policy that Makes Sense
Murray Weidenbaum
As a veteran of four Admininstration, the author was well-suited to serve as chairman of Pres. Ronald Reagan's Council of Economic Advisers, a group that helped launch the greatest revolution of prosperity our nation has ever experienced.
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Category: Sociology Published: September 2011
A Rising Tide Raises All Yachts
D. Stanley Eitzen
". . . We have created--and inhabit--a cultural universe tailored to fit our social values and views on political issues. The balkanization is tearing at the fabric of the country."
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Category: Mass Media Published: September 2011
A Cuppy-ful of Laughter--and Sorrow
Wes D. Gehring
Author of The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody and other darkly comic works, humorist Will Cuppy ultimately took his own life, but not before delighting readers with his biting and, at time, nihilistic wit.
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Category: Science & Technology Published: September 2011
Look at all the Lonely Planets
Judith Braffman-Miller
"[Eleanor Rigby planets] are outcasts--the rejected and ejected black sheep of the galaxy's many solar systems."
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Category: Medicine & Health Published: September 2011
Finding Good Health Between the Sheets
Walter Gaman , Mark Anderson , Judy Gaman
"Many people view sexual intercourse as a want, when, in fact, it is a need. The human body was designed to partake in sex and do so frequently."
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