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Category: Economics Published: July 2011
The Verdict Is In: We're Doomed
James W. Thomson
Under the Obama Administration, "income redsitribution and environmentalism [have taken] precedence over the materialistic needs of business and commerce."
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Category: Law & Justice Published: July 2011
The Long Wait for Justice in Mississippi
David Chalmers
The killers of Emmet Till, Medgar Evers, Michey Schwerner, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Vernon Dahmer, and others less known to history, still walked free decades after their crimes.
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Category: Museums Today Published: July 2011
The Sky's the Limit
These works--ranging from the illustrative to the abstract--present a different view of NASA than the one in history books or news shows.
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Category: Science & Technology Published: July 2011
The Second Copernican Revolution Has Arrived: Life on Early Mars Is Confirmed
John E. Brandenburg
The time has come to redouble our efforts to expan human presence into this new cosmos we have discovered.
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Category: Business & Finance Published: July 2011
One Step Back . . . and Two Forward?
John A. Challenger
". . . Permanent job loss . . . is a fact of life when you live in a free-market economy that constantly is innovating and trying to move forward."
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Category: Literary Scene Published: July 2011
The (White House) Doctor Is In
Connie Mariano
For eight years, I lived and worked in the kill zone as part of my everyday job. During this time, there were numerous threats on the life of Pres. Bill Clinton.
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Category: Psychology Published: July 2011
Pregnancy, Depression, and Acupuncture
William Lee
Women with major depressive disorder treated with depression-specific acupuncture have a 63% response rate after 12 sessions.
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Category: National Affairs Published: July 2011
No Less than Our Liberty Is at Stake
Jonathan W. Emord
"If the health reform law is upheld, the precedent established immediately and universally will deprive Americans of freedom and threaten to magnify that deprivation over time."
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Category: Art & History Published: July 2011
Lincoln Remains as Statuesque as Ever
Allen C. Guelzo
Behold how a man may be exalted to a dignity and glory almost divine--and give freedom to a race. Surely art should unite with eloquence and poetry to celebrate such a theme.
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Category: Athletic Arena Published: July 2011
Making the Show--and Staying There
William D. Witnauer , Richard G. Rogers , Jarron M. Saint Onge
Baseball careers are not compressed versions of normal careers--rather they are skewed substantially toward early exit.
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Category: American Thought Published: July 2011
History in the Making
David McCullough
This nation of ours has been through darker times and, if you do not know that--as so many who broadcast the news and subject us to their opinions in the press do not seem to know--that is because we are failing in our understanding of history.
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Category: Life in America Published: July 2011
If You (Don't) Snooze, You Lose
Dolores T. Puterbaugh
The typical American adult has an unhealthy, strange relationship with sleep.
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Category: American History Published: July 2011
Celebrating a Summer of George Washington
First in War, First in Peace, and First in the Hearts of His Countrymen.
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Category: Ecology Published: July 2011
Giants of the Deep
A unique blend of science and storytelling helps museumgoers explore the amazing world of whales.
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Category: USA Yesterday Published: July 2011
America's Misunderstood Patriot
Wes D. Gehring
When Charlie Chaplin was denigrated by narrow-minded, history-impaired "love-it-or-leave-it" type Americans, his victimizaiton showed, as in so much of life, that the enemy quite often is on this side of the fence. . . .
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Category: Astronomy Published: July 2011
A Moon Like No Other
Judith Braffman-Miller
Larger than some planets, Saturn's biggest moon indeed is a "Titan" of the solar system.
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Category: Medicine & Health Published: July 2011
A New Battlefront
Sebastian Thaler
A drop in the number of AIDS-related deaths means that more and more individuals are grappling with the challenges associated with living with HIV.
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Category: Health & Fitness Published: July 2011
Exercise Is the Best Medicine
Bill Phillips
If parents let their kids play video games and sit at the computer all day, it is akin to handing them a pack of cigarettes.
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Category: Going Places Published: July 2011
Where Life Is Always Sweet: Sesame Place
Wayne M. Barrett , Margaret A. Barrett
Pennsylvania's Bucks County is home to the iconic children's water park--and a lot more.
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